SINA's beginning : dating back 1994 in Beijing when and where its 2 founders

Giacomo Gardumi (Italian) and Xavier van Gaver (French) met on the Great wall.

China has been the beginning of their friendship and later on business partnership.

Xavier VAN GAVER came to Beijing starting from 1985, still student at that time, to visit his parents who lived and stayed in Beijing for more than 20 years.

Giacomo GARDUMI developed very young an attraction for China and this is the reason he started to study Chinese at the University of Roma in 1989.

Both of them started their professional carreer in Beijing in 1994 and since then have had a working experience in Greater China (Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai) for around 17 years.

This long and rooted link with China is allowing them to better understand where it comes from and even more where it is going.

They have the belief that a success in China can only me made by adapting to its local culture and specificities .

They realise the unique chance they have to live everyday this incredible rise of China and truly measure its growing influence internationally.

This is why, they have decided to be based in Shanghai and now from there handle projects all over the world (HK, Singapore, ASEAN, India, Dubai,Italy, France…)