February 2019 Brand Case Study: 
Haut Charme dresses the Chinese elite consumer
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Tailor-made, Contemporary, Luxury Fur
Bringing a New Brand to Life through Visual Identity and Store Design

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The Brand

Haut Charme is a luxury brand established in 2015, specializing in the creation of the finest, tailor-made fur coats. The company was founded in Hong Kong and Guangzhou by two passionate business women with more than twenty years expertise in the fur industry.

The Challenge

With a focus on women, HAUT CHARME caters to the international elite consumer looking for exquisite and fashionable fur creations with customised tailoring and features. The founders asked BRAND ABSOLUTE to build the brand identity from the ground up.

The Solution

We first mapped the luxury fur category and formulated a distinctive positioning around the concept of 'Dressing up/Dressing down' that could give the brand a lifestyle twist. In a second phase we created a comprehensive visual identity system and brand introduction materials.
In a third stage we designed and outfitted the first HAUT CHARME flagship boutique, located at prestigious Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.

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