Global Design

We strongly believe that our mission is to create a complete retail experience involving the design of the store as much as the visual identity, the products’packaging, all the online and multimedia communication. The consistency of all these elements can allow the brand to speak with one unique and strong voice, that can reach to consumer over the unavoidable noise and distractions of any shopping environment.

We call it our “ global design” approach.

We can apply this approach to the creation of completely new brands, to the revitalization of existing ones or to their adaptation to the specificity of Chinese market, the most premium and competitive in the world.


Founded by two former L’Oreal executives in love with the beauty world, cosmetics has been the core expertise of Sina Retail & Image since its first day of activity.
Thanks to over 15 years of working experience in the field, we can offer our clients a deep and comprehensive expertise in International and Chinese market, through all channels and type of distribution.

- image Design

Creation of new in-store brand image, elegant, unique and visually impactful.
Dept.store island counters, cosmetic store and hypermarket wall units, brand stores, roadshow and podium, all come with a full set of sizes and configurations, with detailed design of all elements.

- Display design

Detailed design of product’s display units , matching attractive image and practical engineering.
Tester bar, self-service wall unit, shelves decoration, hot spot, star product’s full counter animation, we create display which are clear, readable, very easy to use, to update and to maintain.

- Training and coaching

How to manage the large scale roll-out of a new image, how to update a new product launch at the same time on all existing counters, how to purchase efficiently all counter materials, how to evaluate the location of a new counter and design it accordingly, how to establish an efficient counter database and all the internal process linked to counter’s management and updating, how to recruit the right team to take care of all of this...
Training class and individual coaching, tailor-made on to the specific needs and priorities of the client, audit of existing merchandising procedures and organization, preparation of manuals and execution guidelines documents

- VI and graphic design

English naming, brand story and claim, logo and VI system design ( Chinese and English ), key visual’s conception and design, labels and packaging ( 外包装), brand manual and chart.