Sina Retail & Image, in partnership with Margaux Keller, had the great opportunity to help the French fragrance brand Gellé Frères open its first store in Avenue de l’Opera, Paris. Parisian elegance, poetry of blossoms and unique femininity of the Queen: the soul of Gellé Frères is revived with a contemporary authenticity in a boudoir with a warm and elegant design.

    Gellé Frères, founded in 1826, is derived from the royal secret recipes which are exclusive to Queen Mary.  Over the centuries, the brand has created a great number of mythical and popular perfumes.  Under the leadership of Simon Menard, Gellé Frères has revived again with a brand new image.

    “Queen’s Boudoir”, as a special design in the store, is a perfect fusion of contemporary elements such as leather and marble and classical Ottoman style. Sina team also helped the brand to create and implement an interactive tester bar for customers to find their favorite fragrance.


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